French Bulldog Cerberus

Workin on a new jacket featuring Herzog the Frenchie as Cerberus! The rest of the elements are good luck symbols from various cultures, and imagery that is symbolic to the client. The coin in the left pocket is for prosperity -- apparently coins with holes are really good luck, and one should always keep a coin in the pocket of a new jacket or purse. I learned a lot while researching these symbols, it's pretty cool. Also, onions are good luck, who knew?

Almost a mural

Since I can't make murals right now, I'm making huge jungles instead. This is on Tyvek with vinyl paint - still not sure how I feel about the material, but it's pretty indestructible, which is neat.


Mural Sketch

Dreaming of making botanical murals......


New Embroidered Jacket

Loving making this crazy cat embroidery -- neon is the best.

Brand New Studio!

Two-Headed Snake with Protea

Working on this new piece with some crazy plants. I'm obsessed with these Flashe vinyl paints!



Three-panel mural for Sylvia Pines' sex-positive lifestyle boutique, Earthly Delights (@earthlydelightsnashville), opening August 2017 in Nashville. This was so much fun to make, painstaking though it was!

 This shot is a bit dark, but you can see the layout here.

This shot is a bit dark, but you can see the layout here.